About Our Men’s Health Services

Guys, this is just for you. Ready to go back in time? Are you noticing fine lines and wrinkles appearing around your eyes, nose and mouth? About Face has something for you, too! We offer anti-aging for the face, body, and intimate areas.  

“P shots” involves injections with the male client’s own blood plasma for improvement in girth, sensitivity, stronger erections, maintaining erections, and minimizing premature ejaculations. These treatments take just minutes but turn the clock back years.  

Balding or thinning?  PRP hair restoration is the healthy alternative to hair thinning and loss. The treatment involves injecting healthy PRP blood plasma into the scalp for restoration of poor, weak, or non-functional hair follicles. The scalp is numbed prior to injections, don’t worry.  

In addition, all of the laser services, cosmetic injections, and PDO thread services are available to you as well. See the experts at About Face for your free consultation gentlemen.  

After just 72 hours, I saw a significant change in my girth and sensitivity after the P shot. I’m amazed already at my change.
J. E., age 36

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My stomach already looks tighter! Excited to do it again in another 6 weeks!
L.F., age 34

AboutFace Med Spa offers the following men’s services:

  • “P” Shot for sexual enhancement
  • PRP hair restoration
  • Microneedling with/without PRP
  • Viva Resurfacing
  • PDO Threads
  • IPL Photofacial
  • Radio frequency skin tightening