A Woman’s Guide to Urinary Incontinence

Being a woman has its fair share of benefits. However, it has quite a few downsides as well, one of which is the challenge to maintain a youthful appearance and energetic approach to life as we age. Especially in the more intimate regions of the body, time and lifestyle can really take a toll. In fact, the majority of women will experience urinary incontinence at some point during their life, as a result of factors such as natural childbirth and menopause. By the time women reach the age of 65, one out of every two women will know the inconvenient symptoms of urinary incontinence – unwanted leakage while sneezing, coughing, exercising and laughing.

Step 1: Treat the Problem at the Source

Although you may have tried wearing liners or making more frequent trips to the bathroom to avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected leak, the truth is that these solutions do not get to the root of the problem. Urinary incontinence (UI) is caused when the muscles of the bladder and vagina become loose. As the muscles lose their firmness, it becomes easier for unexpected leakages to occur.

So, in order to truly get to the bottom of the condition, it is necessary to treat the tissue directly.

Step 2: Trust The Viveve® System

As one of the most trusted and beloved approaches to urinary incontinence, The Viveve® System, previously known as Geneveve®, sends radiofrequency energy into the tissue of the target area. This energy stimulates the body to begin producing new collagen. As the collagen forms, the treatment area will become firmer and stronger, reducing the likelihood of allowing an unwanted leak, and giving you the opportunity to live your life, without worrying if you’ll be close enough to a restroom.

Step 3: Enjoy the Gains

Of course, feminine wellness can be a highly personal topic, and the idea of having any sort of procedure may cause you some concern. However, you can rest assured that The Viveve® System is a treatment you can trust. The benefits of this approach include:

●No cutting or needles

●No surgery

●Comfortable and hassle-free

●Appointments last only 30 minutes

●Noticeable results after just one session

Let Us Help You Transform

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